Dr Seuss Movies

Many Dr Seuss books have been turned into animated cartoons, mostly to good effect; Green Eggs and Ham and The Lorax are two of my favourite cartoon adaptations of Dr Seuss books.

Dr Seuss fans will also be aware of the more recent movie adaptations of The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who, although many will cringe upon reading the names of those movies. For my part, I quite enjoy The Grinch, starring Jim Carrey, but the other two are horrible movies in my opinion.

It is with trepidation that many Dr Seuss fans will discover that a 3D animated version of The Lorax is due to be released in 2012.

The Lorax was made into a cartoon in 1972 (watch it here: Lorax Video) and, with input by Dr Seuss himself, it is a very good adaptation; can Hollywood do any better? I doubt it quite frankly. However, Dr Seuss's widow is involved in the production of the new Lorax movie, so she should enure some integrity and hopefully a movie far better than any of the other Dr Seuss based movies will result.

Dr Seuss fans can only wait and hope that another Seuss favourite is not spoilt.
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