The Sneetches T Shirt

Sneetches Are Sneetches Dr Seuss T Shirt
Zazzle Price: From $12.95

The Sneetches is one of my favourite Dr Seuss books. I love the silly Sneetches with their disharmonious society and daft beach parties. What I really like about the story is that after being ripped off by Sylvester McMonkey McBean for all they are worth, The Sneetches overcome their problems and create a happy community; and throughout the whole book they do all of this with a stupid look of glee on their faces.

This Dr Seuss T Shirt is decorated with two Sneetches; a Star-belly Sneetch with his snoot in the air and a downcast Sneetch with no star. The caption reads, "Sneetches are Sneetches whatever their features" and this t-shirt comes in a variety of sizes and cuts to suit the wearer.

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