The Bippolo Seed & Other Stories


The Bippolo Seed and Other Stories is a collection of old Dr Seuss tales that were published in various magazines between 1948 and 1959 and is now published as the newest volume that fans will want to read.

The stories in the Bippolo Seed & Other Stories are;
  • The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga
  • Gustav the Goldfish
  • Tadd and Todd
  • Steak for Supper
  • The Bippolo Seed
  • The Strange Shirt Spot
  • The Great Henry McBride

As well as these seven stories there are Dr Seuss's wonderful illustrations; these have been enhanced in colour from the original prints and look great. The introduction to this new Dr Seuss book talks about the history of the stories and how they fit into the themes that Dr Seuss used in his more famous books.

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