Thing 1 Thing 2 Onesies

Infant onesies are a very popular way of dressing babies and well-known characters are a favourite decoration on these onesies. What better pair of characters to grace an infant onesie than the cheeky Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat. Here, then, is a collection of Thing 1 Thing 2 onesies for you to select the right design for your own naughty little bundle of fun.
Thing 1 Onesie For Infants
This cute little onesies allows parents who love Dr Seuss's stories to have their own little Thing1 at home. In the same red colour that the two Things are dressed in with a little Thing 1 emblem on the chest, this onesie is completed with a Thing 1 illustration smiling away! I hope your little Thing behaves better than the two that come with the Cat in the Hat!
Dr. Seuss Things In Action Newborn Bodysuit
Cover your baby in little Things 1 and 2 with this nice infant onesies featuring lots of little pairs of the cute Dr Seuss characters running around in the mischievous way. This cute item of baby clothing will bring a smile to your face every time you see it and it can be washed in the warmest water when the inevitable eventually happens.
Flowery Things Long Sleeve Infant Bodysuit
On this Dr Seuss onesie the colourful Things smile along with baby from a pink floral background; on the back is a neat Dr Seuss logo. This long-sleeved infant onesie is certainly a cute suit for a small baby whose parents love The Cat in the Hat - children are never too young to listen to a story!
Thing1 Thing 2 Footed Sleeper
For keeping your baby warm on cold days this Thing 1 Thing 2 footed onesie is a great idea. Stylishly designed in red and white colours the left hand side of this onesie features the Thing 1 and 2 performing the type of balancing act that gets them into trouble. This is a nice way to keep baby warm and looking cute at the same time.
Dr. Seuss Thing 2 Onesie Giftbox
Thing 1 needs to be accompanied by Thing 2 and this gift box contains a onesie based on the romper suit worn by the second naughty Thing. This is just perfect if you have twins but even if you don't your baby can alternate between being Thing 1 and Thing2 on different days. This onesie also comes with matching hat and booties.
Dr. Seuss Thing One And Two Onesie

This onesie is especially for tricky and mischievous babies; two naughty Things go racing along on a black background with text from the Cat in the Hat in white, in the background. This infant onesie is very visually striking and features an illustration of the two Things straight out of the book!
The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 & Thing 2 Onesie
The smiling Cat in the Hat looks lovingly at his Thing 1 & Thing 2, on a bright pink background making this a definite infant onesie for little girls of Dr Seuss-loving parents; also featuring the unhappy fish from the story. Hopefully, this happy looking cat will spread his cheer to the wearer but not his mischievous tricks and games!
Fun Things Long Sleeve Infant Bodysuit
Here is another cute and colourful Thing1 Thing 2 onesie for you to choose from. This onesie features the faces of the two Things smiling away from a blue and green background. Dress your baby in this and add a third smiling face to the collection!

If you are a fan of Thing 1 and Thing 2 then this collection of T Shirts will be just your thing - Thing 1 Thing 2 Shirts.

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