The Cat in the Hat: The Cat (on blue)I have recently noticed a number of new Dr Seuss posters available for sale on a number of different websites. Here is one that is available on Allposters - A smiling Cat in the Hat doffing his famous red and white hat.

Dr Seuss posters include quite a variety of characters and scenes from his books including Lorax Posters, Cat in the Hat pictures, Fox in Socks prints and Green Eggs and Ham pictures. There are quite a few to collect and they all come in the bright colors that all fans associate with Dr Seuss.
Dr Seuss's story, "The Lorax" has a number of very obvious learning points and as such is a book which has a lot of potential for use in schools. However, it can be difficult and time consuming figuring out how exactly to use a book like this in an educational fashion. Luckily, the internet brings us a number of lesson plans that use the situations in The Lorax book and extrapolate upon them.
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